Early Years

Our Preschool, Pre-KG and KG classes follow the curriculum of the Ohio State common core. We strive to develop creative skills, social and emotional values, thinking skills and physical development in our young pupils.Students experience the joys of learning and discovery, as well as the spontaneous delights of childhood in a secure environment. We believe that early development of basic skills provides a sound foundation for future learning.Pupils’ learning is monitored carefully, and activities are planned as children’s personalized learning is considered to be of the highest importance.In addition to class-based lessons, Kindergarten and Pre-kindergarten pupils also experience some specialist lessons:

  • Music lessons are taught by music specialists. Musical language, rhythm and movement are introduced through songs and children have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of instruments.
  • P.E. lessons (Physical Education) are taken by P.E. specialists. These lessons focus on developing the pupils’ physical control, awareness of space and the ability to handle and experiment with a range of equipment effectively.
  • Art lessons are taught by art specialists. Different mediums and methods are explored in these classes to promote children’s creativity.
  • During Library visits, pupils are taught how to look after, explore, appreciate and enjoy a variety of books.