About Us

A real American School Where Learning is FUN !

Welcome to American Standard International School (ASIS), a real American school in Dhaka. At ASIS we strive to deliver unparalleled excellence in education. ASIS began with a vision to give students in Dhaka a chance to attain an American education under an American principal without having to travel to USA.

Our holistic approach to education focuses not only on practical knowledge but also on creative skills which are becoming more and more sought after in a rapidly changing world. Our American principal and top administrators are American educated, giving you the assurance that your child will learn according to the most well researched, proven, and innovative methods that are used in some of the best private schools in America. In addition, we have bright, caring, experienced and trained teachers who meet our school’s goal of making education a fun experience for our students.

ASIS is a whole subsidiary company of American Education Council Ltd. (AECL), an organization dedicated to setting up educational programs in partnership with some of the best universities, colleges, accreditation firms, training institutes, and education providers in USA. Moreover, AECL is associated and licensed by American Education Group, an American educational firm with branches in Bangladesh. Apart from American school ventures, curriculum, and accreditation, AEG has direct links with many top universities in USA, enabling our students to attend American universities after they have graduated from our school.

At ASIS, we believe that every child is unique, so it is our job to identify that uniqueness and build it into a valuable strength and personal asset for the future. We encourage all parents who enroll their children in our school to work with us in a joint effort. Children emulate the adults in their lives; therefore, parents and teachers must be the best role models so that children develop into well-educated citizens. We welcome all interested parents and persons to visit our school, meet our teaching family, and finally entrust and enroll their child into the quality, fun, and loving care of American Standard International School.​