Cambridge - ASIS
Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)

The Cambridge International Examinations is a series of comprehensive examinations on courses, directly regulated by the University of Cambridge governed under the London Board of Education, which lead to preparing candidates to better equip themselves for various disciplines and schools when they are ready to pursue Bachelor Degrees from universities all around the world.

Certifications include International General Certification of Secondary Education (IGCSE) or its equivalent of Ordinary Levels of subjects (O’ Level) and International Advanced Levels of subjects (IAL) spanning from grades nine through 12 as the last four years of a high-school experience.

The curriculum is designed to offer a plethora of courses for candidates to choose from in both their Ordinary levels and Advanced levels of studies. Though there is not any cap on the number of subjects a candidate is allowed to choose to appear exams in, the normal load for a students varies form six to eight IGCSE/ O’ Level courses to be completed in usually two years (grades nine through 10) and a further of three to four IAL courses to be completed within exactly two years where exams take place in two parts: in Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Levels where candidates appear for a selected number of papers/components for each subject chosen after completion of grade 11 and in Advanced Level 2 where candidates appear for the remainder of the papers/components for each subject chosen after graduating grade 12.

The main exams for every level usually take place in the Summer months of May and June for which candidates from Dhaka are expected to register through the School/Institutions preparing them for the examinations. The Fall/Winter session of examinations are mainly offered to candidates not achieving their predicted/desired grades in the Summer sessions so that they may retake the exams and score better, although this is not a strict rule as students may appear for exams in this period and count it as their main exams.

Here at the American Standard International School we are well equipped with the best teachers in the city to prepare your child to overcome the challenges in the following subjects:

  • English (IGCSE/O Level)
  • Bangla (IGCSE/O Level)
  • Urdu (IGCSE/O Level)
  • Bangladesh Studies (IGCSE/O Level)
  • Pakistan Studies (IGCSE/O Level)
  • Islamyiat (IGCSE/O Level)
  • Accounting (IGCSE/O Level & IAL)
  • Business Studies (IGCSE/O Level & IAL)
  • Commerce (IGCSE/O Level)
  • Economics (IGCSE/O Level & IAL)
  • Biology (IGCSE/O Level & IAL)
  • Chemistry (IGCSE/O Level & IAL)
  • Physics (IGCSE/O Level & IAL)
  • Environmental Management (IGCSE/O Level)
  • Mathematics Syllabus D (IGCSE/O Level)
  • Additional Mathematics (IGCSE/O Level Advanced Subsidiary Subject)
  • Pure Mathematics (IAL)
  • Statistics (IAL)
  • Mechanics (IAL)