Robotics is a CONCRETE and TANGIBLE way to build and strengthen cognitive development, as well as other academic areas such as mathematics, engineering, communication skills, strategic thinking and goal-oriented thinking. Robotics open-ended challenges like Troubleshooting, problem analysis, and project management are taught as essential parts of the engineering process. Students continuously apply their knowledge base to develop solutions for open ended design and programming challenges.

  • We teach through discovery (Cause and Effect learning)
  • We offer Robotics to allow children to explore the world of Robots in a hands-on and engaging way.
  • We let children to build robots, discover and solve problems in relational-life robotic challenges, while developing math and scientific inquiry skills as well as experiencing physical science and technology firsthand.
  • All lessons are taught with student’s activity work sheets, flow chart of the whole process and problems.
  • Regular parents and teacher interaction.
  • Certificate of completion of every level is given to students.